Sakal Surfboards



Our Cheater model features a old school outline that flows tip to tip, keeping the board fun and versatile in all types of surf. We outfitted the Cheater with a wider nose, bumping out the template out ever so slightly, to allow the rider to get up on the nose and stay there with ease. While the Pin-Tail provides essential hold on those bigger days! Super soft 60/40 rails run a majority of the rail giving the board a smooth and buttery glide, complemented by a hard edge starting at 24" in the tail, gives the board a sense of bite as turns and carves down the line. We have added extra tail rocker to compensate for the low entry and overall flat rocker that runs 3/4 of the board, the added flip in the tail will promote a more responsive feel as you turn and walk the board. We wanted a concave setup that would seamlessly allow the board to not only glide and trim, but excel in any condition. The deep scooped out concave in the nose flowing into a hull type contour with a slight vee out the tail, does just that! The Cheater is a must have for anyone looking for that happy medium between Modern & Old-School. 



  • Old School Longboard Template
  • Lowered Entry Rocker
  • Soft 60/40 Rails
  • Hard Edge Last 24" in Tail



Recommended fin setup


Size Chart

  •  9'   x      23"    x   3"
  •  9'3 x      23"    x   3"
  •  9'6 x23"  x   3 1/4"