Sakal Surfboards


Controlled Flex Technology

C. F. T.

New for 2016 / 2017 is our Controlled Flex Technology, a new type of surfboard construction that promotes a positive flex without sacrificing durability. Keeping your wallet happier and surfing on point! The C.F.T. construction combines our new 3/4" HD Stringer and lower density Polyurethane Foams that runs the length of the board, to create a flex pattern like no other. The HD Stringer is the main source that provides a positive flex, giving the user unmatched Drive & Pop in all conditions. While the lower density PU Foams allow the board to maintain a smooth natural feel, unlike other stringerless or eps boards that chatter and noodle when the waves turn on!


We Are Offering 2 Different Stages of Glassing for the New C.F.T. Range


Stage 1 - Maximum Flex Suited for a 1 - 4 ft Wave Range. 

Offers a stable flex and balanced mix of drive and release, suited for all types of conditions and wave types.

  • 3/4" HD Stringer
  • Blue Density Polyurethane OuterCore
  • Deck Carbon Inlay
  • Kevlar Wrapped Rails & Tail Patches