Sakal Surfboards
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Flying Monkey

The Flying Monkey is one of our most popular performance hybrids we offer, more pulled in than our Chameleon Model, the Flying Monkey bridges the gap between an easy paddler and your typical shortboard feel. The fuller out line and wide-ponit pushed forward allows this board to hold ample amounts of foam, which translates into easy glide into waves and more time in the water! Our small wave rocker and deep concaves give this board all the speed / drive you could want in your typical day to day conditions. We added a pulled in squash tail, which lets the board perform and turn like a standard shortboard, providing a consistent and predictable feel when surfed. Call it cheating, but our Flying Monkey model will get your wave count up and offer all the performance you could want in an everyday board.

Recommended that you ride this model 4-5" inches shorter than your standard shortboard, or at your height for a more intermediate surfer.

-        Low Entry Rocker
-        Slight Tail Flip to Promote Drive
-        Wide-Point Pushed Up Under Chest
-        Pulled-In Nose and Tail
-        Wave Range 1-6 ft. Any Condition