Sakal Surfboards


Half & Half

The Half & Half is a performance shortboard. A combination of our favorite small wave board “The Chameleon”, and our high performance model “the Pro”. We have created a blend rockers, outlines and a double bump to rounded pin in the tail, to create a versitile shortboard with a wave range of Flat-Slightly Overhead surf. Not originally designed to be a step-up, the Half & Half can easily handle most anything the ocean can provided up to 8-10 ft.
A great addition to the quiver for someone looking to fill the void of a board that paddles into waves like a fish, but still allows for fast free flowing lines of a performance shortboard.

-        A Perfect Balance of   Drive / Control / Release
-        Slightly Fuller Nose and Tail Outline
-        Low Entry Rocker to Moderate Tail Rocker
-        Soft Forgiving Rails
-        5 Fin Option


Half n Half Sepia Tall.jpg