Sakal Surfboards
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New for 2017 Ed has completely redesigned the High Performance model taking a more radical approach to the outline and rocker of the board. We outfitted the HP model with thinner foil in the nose and tail along with an overall narrower outline throughout the whole board. A shortboard 60/40 rail profile runs tip to tip with a hard edge starting at 24" up from the tail, combined with overall more rocker in the nose and tail, keeps this model loose and free and can be confidently surfed in more hollow punchy surf. Redesigned for 2017 we have added a touch of flip in the first 12" of the nose entry rocker, allowing the surfer to take later more critical drops along with flowing through top to bottom type conditions. A single concave that blends to a flat contour in between the stance, seamlessly transitioning into a double concave out the tail. All complemented by a performance 2+1 fin setup and tight squash tail. The High Performance lets the rider surfer a longer board but not sacrifice any maneuverability by providing an ideal balance of speed and flow. If its 2-3 ft. at your local beach break or 8-10ft on that trip of a lifetime, our High Performance model has you covered.



  • Narrower Outline - Thinner Foil
  • Single - Flat - Double Concave
  • Added Nose & Tail Rocker
  • 60/40 Rails - Hard Edge In The Tail



Recommended fin setup


Size Chart

  •  9'   x   22"   x   2 3/4"
  •  9'3 x22 1/4"  x   3"
  •  9'6 x 22 1/2" x 3 1/8"