Sakal Surfboards



"Finally a high performance surfboard for the bigger guy. The shape has been tested and its tried and true. One of my favorite boards. The outline is a bit narrower than most mid size boards, giving you that short board feeling. The bottom rocker has more nose rocker for those steeper waves. The tail has 13/16 extra rocker that will allow you to turn on a dime. Whether you are surfing 2'-3' H.B. or 8'-10' Newport, the Hot Shot is the way to go."

-Big Ed

size chart

  •   7'0    x    21"           x    2 7/8"
  •   7'6    x    21 1/2"     x    3"
  •   8'0    x    22"            x    3 1/16"
  • Lowered Entry Rocker / Added Tail Rocker

  • Forgiving Medium Performance Rail

  • Pulled in Squash Tail

  • 2+1 Fin Setup