Sakal Surfboards
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Based off our most popular model The Nose-Rider. The Indicator has a more responsive smooth feeling that enjoys being put on rail, while maintaining that effortless down the line glide that can still nose ride with the best of them. We pulled the outline in a 1/2" inch and foiled out the nose and tail just a touch, giving the board a more aggressive feel as you carve or trim down the line. The Indicator features 60/40 rails throughout the length of the board with a hard edge at 20" up from the tail, complemented by a 2+1 fin setup. Allowing the board to be versatile and adaptive in any condition!



  • Outline 1/2" Narrower Than Nose-Rider Model
  • Single - Flat - Vee
  • Thinner Foil Than Nose-Rider
  • 60/40 Rails - Hard Edge In The Tail



Recommended fin setup


Size Chart

  •  9'   x22 1/2" x   3"
  •  9'3 x 22 3/4" x 3 1/8"
  •  9'6 x  23"   x   3 1/4"


    Sakal Team Rider - Jeff Newell

    Sakal Team Rider - Jeff Newell