OVERVIEW // Polyurethane (PU) Surfboard - is our most common type of board construction, we use the highest quality Millennium Foam PU blanks, giving our boards a superior strength to weight ratio and a bright white color. All boards stocked with a 1/4" Bass stringer, but can be substituted with a custom order. After shaped the boards are glassed with a PU resin combined with two layers of 4oz E + 4oz S fiberglass cloth on the deck and a layer of 4oz E on the bottom. Every board comes stock with one layer of "S" cloth (tighter weave with the same weight but 30% stronger than standard 4oz "E" cloth)  on the deck at no additional cost, making the board more durable and giving it more pop for a longer period of time. All glassing can be customized to fit the needs of each customer, with purchase of custom board. Longboards stocked standard with 6oz + 6oz deck and 6oz bottom.