Sakal Surfboards


PU Construction


OVERVIEW // Polyurethane (PU) Surfboard - is our most common type of board construction, we use the highest quality Millennium Foam PU blanks, giving our boards a superior strength to weight ratio and a bright white color. All boards stocked with a 1/4" Bass stringer, but can be substituted with a custom order. After shaped the boards are glassed with a PU resin combined with two layers of 4oz E + 4oz S fiberglass cloth on the deck and a layer of 4oz E on the bottom. Every board comes stock with one layer of "S" cloth (tighter weave with the same weight but 30% stronger than standard 4oz "E" cloth)  on the deck at no additional cost, making the board more durable and giving it more pop for a longer period of time. All glassing can be customized to fit the needs of each customer, with purchase of custom board. Longboards stocked standard with 6oz + 6oz deck and 6oz bottom.


Carbon & Kevlar // Tail Patches - Can usually be found glassed into the tails of most of our shortboards stocked at the shop, used to help prevent excessive denting or crushing of the tail. Carbon Strip -  Is placed on the bottom of some stock boards, running from the tip of the nose down the center of the board. Strategically placed the carbon stiffens up the flex-pattern and gives the board more drive by creating a ridged flex pattern, that allows the flex to load up and release, springing you into the next section or turn with all the speed/drive you need. 


Polyurethane Surfboards - Are our most commonly ordered and stocked type of surfboard construction that we offer. The PU boards are great day to day boards that you can depend on in all types conditions. Wether it's 2 ft windy beach break or 6 ft perfection, the PU boards offer a balanced feel that other constructions just can't seem to match.