Sakal Surfboards
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The Dart is a fresh take on our most popular everyday model the chameleon. We kept the same design theory as the chameleon, that of a wider outline shortboard that is versatile in a wide variety of conditions.

New for 2017 Ed has made a few changes, most noticeable to the tail end of the board. Adding a squash tail to straighten up the rail-line in the back half of the board, giving the board faster down the line speed allowing to link those flat sections with ease. As well as increasing the concaves and rocker in the tail of the board ever so slightly, for a more responsive feel and to cope with the extra down the line speed of the squash tail. With the wide point pushed up under the front foot allowing us to put more volume under the chest, which lets the Dart easily paddle into waves. While the low entry rocker with a flip at the end of the nose, allows the board to drive though those mushy flat sections and not lose performance when the waves turn on.

-        Full and ForgivingOutline
-        Straighter Rail Line in the Back Half of the Board
          for a Fast Down the Line Feel.
-        Lowered Entry Rocker / Slitght Kick in the Tail
-        Softer / Fuller Rail Profile