Sakal Surfboards



The Pro was designed for the types of waves we surf everyday with all types of surfers in mind. A board that will drive and flow though even the sloppiest of 2-3ft onshore beach breaks, and will still be able to hold and excel in the dreamiest of Overhead perfection. If you are looking to get the most drive in everyday surf, while still having a board that is forgiving, look no further! Welcome to “The Pro.”

    New for 2016, We have made updates to the Rocker and Rail Profile of our Pro Model, giving the board more drive in average surf. While still allowing the board to feel forgiving when put on rail or in critical sections. The Rocker is now flatter in-between the surfers stance giving the board a larger sweet spot, not only will this make the board feel comfortable from the get go. You will notice more speed and drive from the moment you stand up. The nose entry rocker was lowered just a bit for ease of paddling, to compensate we added more flip in the tail allowing for a ideal balance between drive / release.  We have added a softer fuller rail to keep the volume for those less than ideal days, but can still hold and knife through overhead perfection. We recommend the board be ridden at about your same height to 1” shorter or longer depending on how much foam you like. 

-        A Ideal Balance Between Fast / Forgiving
-        Flat Rocker Through Stance for Ease of Generating Speed
-        Lowered Entry Rocker / Added Flip in Tail
-        Softer / Fuller Rail Profile
-        As Much Speed and Drive as Possible in
          Weak to Overhead Surf