Sakal Surfboards



If its 2 ft slop or 4-5ft perfection, the Stub is a board I can depend on to provide a consistent fast / forgiving feel in all types of conditions. There is nothing to fancy and no gimmicks with this board, and that's what I like about it! It's a simple outline that is shortened and widened in all the right places, and if your looking for a versatile and reliable board for those everyday conditions, the Stub is the board for you. Sometimes less is more.
- Austin Gomez / Sakal Surfboards Board Room Manager

The Stub is the go to shortboard for most of our team riders in Southern California surf, with a wave range of 2-6ft this could very well be a perfect candidate for the one board quiver. Slightly fuller than your standard shortboard outline, combined with a lowered rockers and a wider tail block, allows the board to work extremely well in the small stuff. Unlike most small wave boards The Stub retains that shortboard feel; Fast, Drives off the bottom, and releases when needed. A board that will keep performing as the surf picks up and keep your small wave game on point at the same time! We are featuring a single concave running through the stance to a vee bottom contour, giving the board a fast smooth feel that wants to be put on rail. All stock boards complete with a squash tail and thruster set-up, customs are available upon request and can be made with any tail shape and fin setup.

Recommended that this board be ridden 2" smaller than your standard shortboard, or at your height for a more intermediate surfer.

-       Fuller Outline
-        Flater Rocker for Ease of Generating Speed
-        Lowered Entry Rocker / Slight Exit Rocker
-        Softer / Fuller Rail Profile
-        Speed and Drive in Everyday Surf