Sakal Surfboards



Our Wasp model is the go to board for that epic day at your home break or a great board to take on that surf trip you have planned out, designed to be the type of board to progress your surfing in 3-8ft waves. A moderate lift in the nose rocker and a good amount of kick in the tail allows the board to be able to generate down the line drive, while still having enough curve through the rocker to fit into steeper hollower sections. The single to vee concave set up gives The Wasp a fast springy feeling as you go off the bottom, while the added vee out the back allows for more release as you put the board on rail. The clean flowing outline complement by the medium kinfey rails will allow you to get the most out those above average days!

-        Go to Board When the Waves Turn On
-        More Rocker to Compensate for Larger / Hollower Surf
-        Knifey / Fuller Rail Profile
-        3 - 8 ft Wave Range